Updates i guess haha

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Updates i guess haha Empty Updates i guess haha

Post by Lisa Jade on Sun 22 Feb - 3:35

Hrmmm not alot really...

Im 33 weeks.... wed coming im 34 weeks...
I was ment to be gettin the 4D ultra sound done but cant afford it anymore.. which sucks ass...
I hope they let me rebook when i get extra money... but i doubt it :S coz they preffer u to be in between
24 and 34 weeks... Sad booo hoooo

anywhooo... she kicks ALOT and wont stop doing it right now.. bloody annoying at times haha and it hurts..
ive got a hell of a lot of stretchies but here is another pic i took last night with the off my gut...

Updates i guess haha Myroadmapbelly

Next middy app is tomorow at 11 am :)

that is all for now

Updates i guess haha Animation1-1
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